I have been doing Eyelash Extensions for 6+years. I make sure you get first quality service at an affordable price!

I use Misencil┬« & SugarlashPro extensions and products, leading brands in eyelash extensions in Canada and France. 

For a Natural or Glamorous look all lashes are applied ONE by ONE to your own lashes without touching your skin.

I offer a wide selection of extensions like synthetic, silk or faux mink in different curves, length and thicknesses.

My goal is to define and enhance your eyes and I want you leaving satisfied and addicted to your new look.

Now introducing Hybrid sets:  a mix of classic extensions (one on one) & Volume extensions (3D fans) This set will leave you with a fuller look, more fluffy lashes. Perfect for the client with little natural lashes!!


Please ensure that all eye make-up has been thoroughly removed. If you are  wearing contact lenses kindly remove them prior your appointment or I can provide you with a container and contact lens solution.


A full classic Star Application usually takes 1 to 1.5 hr, a new Hybrid set will take 1.5 to 2 hrs

A classic fill will take around 1 hour & a hybrid fill up to 1.5 hour.


To keep your eyelash extensions looking good as long as possible I offer the following recommendations:


-moisten lashes, avoid steam in the shower-saunas or steam rooms

-hot yoga

-make up on and around the eye area

-Do not touch or pull your lashes as you will take out your own lashes

Your lashes are a breeze to maintain as they need minimal care.

Make it a  priority to use oil-free make up remover, never use waterproof mascara!!

For greater efficiency I recommend  Misencil┬« & Sugarlash products who are designed especially to help maintain your extensions:

  • LashPure eyelash cleanser, must have product to maintain eye hygiene and health.
  • Revitalizer/conditioner: gloss and fortifying care, can be used on both natural and extensions, even on eyebrows!!
  •  Oil free Mascara, especially made for extensions from natural ingredients.
  • Long lasting protector: to coat the lashes, extending the life of your extensions.
  • New! Elixir, eyelashes & brow growth activator, can be used with extension

Please Please Please...

Now and then I get clients wanting their extensions to be fixed or removed because they had them done for really cheap in the mall or in a nail salon or by someone who does not have the appropriate training or experience. Please make sure you ask the stylist about experience and the quality of the glue. You don't mess with your eyes!! 

*You should NOT feel your extensions- if you do they either are too long or too thick and they will fall off quickly

*Showering or getting in contact with water, your eyes should NEVER burn. Means a cheap glue was used to apply your extensions

This is an example of flares or clusters gone wrong...